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College Graduation Party Planning

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Graduating from college is wonderful lifetime accomplishment. Demonstrating to the world that you or a loved one has mastered a great deal of complicated and difficult material is certainly a cause to celebrate with others. A college graduation can be the ideal time to hold a party. A college graduation party is a time to gather together with good friends and think about all you or someone you love has achieved during the last four years. If you are thinking about giving a graduation party for yourself or someone you love, it is very important to begin planning for the party as early as possible.

Planning this kind of party well in advance allows you to decide all the party details carefully. You can also take the time to think about the kind of party you want to hold. All aspects of any party should be considered. This includes the number of people you want to invite to your party. It also should include the location of the party, the kind of food you intend to serve to your guests and even the type of dessert you want to have at the party.

One of the most important parts of any graduation party planning are the kind of invitations you intend to use for the party. Graduation announcements can be used to both invite people to your party and tell everyone you have graduated from college. The best grad announcements will let you do both at the same time. Many companies offer special cards that you can use to invite people to your party. Many such announcements allow the person sending the party invitation to create one exactly to their liking. Such invitations often have varied colors available to choose from as well as specific fonts the person buying can pick out. Buying these types of invitations is a great way to add a sense of individuality and personalization to your special day.

When planning a party of this type, it is highly important to make sure that you pay close attention to all details of the occasion. Each aspect of the party should be thoughtfully considered. You can find all you want for your party if you look well in advance. Take all the time all you need to make sure a college graduation is celebrated in high style and with appropriate merriment.

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Floor and Decor: Ceiling Paint

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One of the trendiest new styles to hit floor and decor is to paint the ceiling. Perhaps you’re thinking it’s a little too eccentric, but when done correctly, the ceiling is breathtaking. Painting the ceiling not only adds height to low spaces, but gives a cozy atmosphere to drafty and large rooms. This new style is one of the most sophisticated trends available, more professional and top designers as well as home owners are embarking on this revolutionary technique and style to bring more character and personality to your home.

Preparatory Elements for Painting the Ceiling

  1. The first thing to do is assess your space and be honest with its shape. Your floor and decor style are both important because they reflect each other. Therefore, if the space is narrow and tall, you want to go with a darker color. If the room space is small and low, you need a bright color to give it more volume.
  2. Second, the floor and decor should match or complement each other. Depending on the style and coloring of your floor or carpet, use that color as a guide when choosing the right shade for your ceiling.
  3. Completely clear out the space before any painting is done. Because you are working with the ceiling, chances of mistakes or small paint splatters are highly possible, so proceed with caution.
  4. Wear comfortable old clothes before getting started.
  5. Make sure to have various paint brushes, roll on extensions, primer, and border tape to ensure that you don’t get any paint on the walls or in areas that you didn’t intend to paint.

How to Paint the Ceiling

  1. Make a border of tape around the room where the wall and the ceiling meet, and secure the tape.
  2. Mix the primer and begin to cover the entire ceiling. Primer works great because it blocks stains and marks from appearing through the paint so that you only have to perform one coat of paint to complete the job.
  3. Once dry, mix your paint and begin to thinly and evenly apply. Use the brush for the corners and tight spaces, but the long roll on for the open ceiling area.
  4. To get even more creative, you can use tape to mark large squares in the ceiling so that when you paint and remove tape, you’ll have white borders.

Once the paint has set, the room will have a new visually stunning appearance that you and all of your new guests will simply adore.  With the advice and direction given to you by floor and decor, you will have successfully added character to a once dull space, and your room will now reflect your sophisticated personality.

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